Death Rays For Peace
Mike doscher deathraysflat

The final image. Want more believable shadows? Use the warp tool after applying Gaussian Blur to the shadow layer- that way it doesn't look like the paper is laying completely flat.

Mike doscher foundry geometry 01

Arnold renders, to be used as a basis for a mixture of of photo and painted detail. Left render is with a light near the camera, middle render is without, and the one on the right is a progress shot of their combination via masking.

Mike doscher upshurtest

An initial lighting test in Arnold and a quick check to see if Photoshop's halftone effect is up to snuff.

Death Rays For Peace

This is a piece of supporting art for my book project "Spacecraft of the First World War.' It's meant to look like an in-universe newspaper clipping. It's a mix of 3d, photobashed, and painted elements.

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