BTR-20U Infantry Support Vehicle
Mike doscher btr scene01a

The completed image.

Mike doscher btr composite

Raw-ish render in Mental Ray. I ended up changing the lighting some.

Mike doscher btr20uwip06

Rear quarter. The remote LMGs aimed and fired from inside the crew compartment is something I'll need to explore in greater detail later.

Mike doscher btr20uwip06a

Front quarter. Making sure that the main battery can turn without fouling equipment or fittings.

BTR-20U Infantry Support Vehicle

A concept for a sort of mid-21st century support vehicle, with the usual rogues gallery of ATGMs, high velocity gun, and various MGs.

There were a series of wallpapers done for World of Tanks I rather liked, so I tried to emulate the look with an original design. A learning experience, but the result isn't too bad, I think.

More artwork
Mike doscher flak buggy 01Mike doscher seachange2018Mike doscher hangar bay