Mike doscher spidertank final

Final render. Dust and other atmospherics can really help control the eye.

Mike doscher spidertank01wip01

Cranked the contrast of the render and started laying in photo elements. 'Soft Light' and 'Hard Light' layer types were new my best friends here.

Mike doscher spidertankrender01

Raw Arnold render with the new 'sun' light. Much easier out-of-the-box than setting up lights in older versions.

Mike doscher spidertankrender02

Alternate angle. This might be better if you're just doing to a concept for a vehicle modeler for an RTS or something.

Mike doscher type 23 special weapons carrier by mikedoscher d600tfc

My original model.


3D and photo-sourced concept for an 8x8 spider tank.

More artwork
Mike doscher tools insta 01Mike doscher autumn lightMike doscher yeetcannon detail 01