Grav Tug
Mike doscher give us a push

The design worked into a scene. The grav tug is lending aid to a cargo vessel having difficulty above Saturn.

Mike doscher starpig paintertest

The sketch. A lot hasn't been worked out. As far as light goes, a neutral background can work against you when depicting materials.

Grav Tug

Utility vessel fitted with a toroidal-field gravity manipulation rig.

Early Mark 'Juggernaut' cargo tug, operated by SpiritUS Grav Solutions related to work on the Acadian Queen He3 facility above Saturn.

'Boosted' model, requiring a genetically augmented crew. Such are seen only in the outer system, as crew augmentation to the required degree can place their legal status in jeopardy when operating under UNSOC jurisdiction.

Trying some things out, with varying levels of polish.

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