Akula Captain Outfit
Mike doscher akula outfit 04

The helmet was deemed sufficiently promising that an entire character outfit was created to match the style and fit in with the Akula faction in Dreadnought.

Mike doscher akula outfit 03

The final helmet concept, with an integral hood to avoid hair problems.

Mike doscher akula outfit 02

This is the second pass on the thumbnails, with feedback from the Art Director implemented. Due to a combination of rigid binding and the need to disguise clipping on the morphing heads, simple sculpts were used to help iterate.

Mike doscher akula outfit 01

These are the initial round of thumbnails done for a character cosmetic item. The item had to be rigidly bound to the head bone on the rig.

Akula Captain Outfit

This is an outfit for a character in the Akula faction in Dreadnought. The desire was to make something grounded, but interesting, as a cosmetic item.

More artwork
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