'Longbow' Picket Corvette
Mike doscher longbow

Final image with some color in the background to make the ship pop a little, as well as smaller details. This includes stuff to suggest human scale in interaction.

Mike doscher flitter01

Raw scan, no cleanup but levels in Photoshop. 2B 0.4mm tech pencil.

Mike doscher flitter02

Basic cleanup with the Smudge Tool on 'Lighten'. Linework put on a 'Multiply' layer and some other real basic stuff.

Mike doscher flitter03

Quick rendering of forms and simple shadows on a layer under the linework. Mixer Brush, set to 'Very Wet, Light Mix'. Linework still carries the details.

Mike doscher flitter04

Test swatch, using the Mixer Brush above the linework with 'Sample All Layers' checked. You can soften the lines without killing them. The overpaint layers are all in a folder above the linework with a clipping path applied to the folder.

'Longbow' Picket Corvette

Proofing out a potential new workflow. Painting over tight pencils with the PS Mixer Brush. Light vessel armed with nuclear-pumped x-ray lasers for engaging missiles and large kinetic projectiles.

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