Agricultural Control Tractor
Mike doscher agcontrol

Final image is still loose, but with a lot of information. Graphics and branding to set it in the world.

Mike doscher agcontrolwip01

Initial sketch/underpainting. Thinking about shapes. Wanted it to be buglike but not cartoony.

Mike doscher agcontrolwip02

Set the color of the sky and the horizon line. These let me set the stage to get my highlight colors right as well as perspective.

Agricultural Control Tractor

Attempting to effectively use underpainting as part of my workflow. In parallel, thinking about how to use background, non-heroic elements to push a narrative and cut down on the need for exposition (which is both generally boring and makes localization more cumbersome).

The idea here is for a low ground pressure tractor to act as command-and-control for robots doing a mixture of agricultural and remediation work. I took the opportunity to try a nonstandard hub design, as well as trying commercial livery. (The blue triangle placard indicates that the vehicle is subject to external monitoring and control)

More artwork
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